Thursday, May 6, 2010

stuffed poblanos

I decided to start celebrating Cinco De Mayo this year. All that really means is that I have the chance to decorate the house with my 30th birthday party items and make Mexican food. I put a bunch of decorations around the house including a cardboard Mariachi man on the front door and pulled out Hot Tot's favourite costume.

Moments later my neighbour across the street came over to offer up a kiddie pool and I can't imagine what she thought seeing the front door and Hot Tot dressed up! I mean, do people really observe Cinco De Mayo? My dad hadn't heard of it and had trouble understanding why I did this. Oh well, it was tons of fun we even got Owen into the action!

There are several Mexican recipes in Everyday Food and the one I was most concerned with was the Stuffed Poblanos. The reason for this was because, as far as I know, there doesn't seem to be a single store that sells them here in Niagara. But when Katie's party brought us out of the region it was a great opportunity to grab them at Whole Foods.

We started off with guacamole and tortilla chips (also from Whole Foods).

The Stuffed Poblanos were straight forward to make. They take a little more time than most of the other recipes in the book, but I didn't have any issue with that since this is the main course for a dinner party. On the side is Cilantro and Lime Rice which took minutes to make and a great side to the peppers. Both recipes turned out perfect and they tasted great. I would definitely make them again.

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