Monday, May 24, 2010

roll another one...

This long weekend I spent it rolling - tortillas and crepes!

I've started making bean burritos on the weekends and freezing them in batches for lunches during the week. I became interested in this when I saw Amy's Burritos on 'sale' for $3 a pop and thought it was economical to make my own. First up was to cook 3/4 cup of rice. Then make the bean mixture, where I substituted many ingredients from the original recipe. I used chipotle peppers and adobo sauce instead of jalapenos and added more spices including chili powder and cayenne. Finally, there is the addition of Monterey Jack cheese.

I think I'm pretty good at the burrito wrap since I spent months folding Owen in his receiving blankets, but you have to be careful of how much filling you place in the tortilla or they become difficult to wrap. Once complete they are frozen on a cookie sheet overnight. The next day I wrapped each individually in parchment and plastic lunch baggies and stash in a freezer bag. Funny enough, I can see why you'd pay for burritos at the store. CONVENIENCE! This is a 2 day job, but I enjoy it. You have to really want to make these or it could feel like a tedious chore much like making pot stickers or perogies.

I always serve them with sour cream and salsa.

This morning was my first attempt at working from Mad Hungry (the book I was talking about last week). These are 'Man Crepes'. I'm not sure why they are so manly, but calling them that might just make guys more apt to eat them. This recipe is much simpler than the one I've always used before and I'm happy with switching over to this one from now on. I found the most delicious crepe combination of mashed banana and Banana Dulce De Leche creme spread. It's killer.

We also snapped a cute photo of Owen I wanted to share. He's just started playing with ring & peg toys. He has the traditional plastic Fisher Price set and one called, Taggies. It's the best toy! It's a plush ring and peg toy with tags dangling from it. This toy must have been invented by a seasoned mom since the idea of a toy covered in tags is ingenious - babies love it!

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