Wednesday, November 30, 2011

chicken with cranberry sauce and white bean mash

As a mom you really get to know what flies with your kids. Owen always tells me about how much he loves 'magic beans'. Yes, I'm sure his daycare is thankful for this love of 'magic beans'. He also loves chicken, so I found this recipe which incorporated his two faves in this Chicken with Cranberry Sauce with White Bean Mash from Everyday Food Great Food Fast.
I didn't expect much, but was so pleasantly surprised with this recipe. Chicken bone-in, skin-on isn't what most people choose to buy these days, but the flavour is so incredible! It made this dinner so luxurious, this entire dinner is at-home restaurant quality. We had it for a Monday night dinner but it really works better for a Friday or Saturday night to impress. We all LOVED it and I'd recommend it to anyone to try because not only is it simple and delicious, it's also very festive for this time of year.

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