Tuesday, June 29, 2010

grilled chicken with roasted-pepper sauce and glazed shallots

Here is last night's Grilled Chicken with Roasted-Pepper Sauce and Glazed Shallots.

It was nice to have Nuno bar-b-que chicken while I prepped the rest of the meal. Things can get a little hairy in the kitchen co-ordinating several recipes and Owen's dinner all in hopes of a simultaneous completion. The roasted red pepper sauce was 'meh' along with the chicken. I mean, lets face it, chicken breast de-boned and without skin on the BBQ is dry. So that's the last time we'll be making that one. One the other hand, the glazed shallots turned out absolutely amazing. It's not terribly appetizing to eat an onion for dinner, but these are really nice & sweet and came together perfectly.

I haven't really updated much on how the progress of feeding Owen has been going. I always prep Owen's meals from scratch. Actually, I'm probably a bit of a crazy mom because I will only buy produce that's organic and farmed locally. Luckily, with all my efforts, Owen doesn't seem to be rejecting anything. He's eating more and more and that includes three meals a day and nursing in between. Since he's tried all meats (and seems to enjoy salmon the most) I've started him on vegetables now. His favourites are sweet potato, spinach and carrots. Every morning Owen has a piece of whole grain toast cut into thirds length wise (makes for great finger food). It's a terrible mess and he only ends up eating half of the toast since the other half ends up, oh, everywhere. But I feel there is value in having Owen control how much he eats and begins to learn to feed himself.

In the past couple days I've started him on Balkan-style yogurt with his cereal, rehydrated unsulphured apricots an
d local apples. I steam most of his food and then process it in the food processor. I keep the left over water from steaming to reach a nice consistency with his meals. It's a bit of a perk when some of our Everyday Food meals are suitable for Owen, but that's certainly not a daily occurrence and he tends to find a whole dinner of new tastes a little overwhelming.

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