Friday, May 28, 2010

peanut-crusted chicken breasts & asparagus with lemon butter

Yesterday was Owen's first taste of meat. It's recommended that babies start with meat, but I chose to start Owen with iron fortified cereal and to introduce meat second. Hopefully soon whatever protein we have with dinner I can set aside a portion for Owen.

With three fresh chicken breasts, I halved one and steamed it. Once cooked I cooled and then sliced into chunks and blitzed in the small chamber of my food processor. I slowly added expressed breast milk down the shoot until we had a nice constancy.

I then got to work on the recipe at hand. It is Peanut-Crusted Chicken Breasts with a side of Asparagus with Lemon Butter and the rest of the Leeks Vinaigrette. Very spring-like don't you think? All three recipes are fairly straight-forward and about as boring as you can get. That also goes for the taste. I didn't enjoy any of this meal - even the leeks a second time around. I accidentally undercooked the leeks and their onion flavour was so strong I tasted it all night.

And what did Owen think of his chicken? He cried and fussed and after several spoonfuls decided he wouldn't take any more and spit it out. I can sympathize. You know when you've over-chewed your chicken and you just can't break it down anymore in your mouth? I bet that's what Owen was experiencing. It's OK, we figured out how to introduce it a little better. This morning we made half his rice cereal and half chicken and made the consistency very milky and he loved it. It looks like we will have to transition very slowly with the meat.

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