Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ted's Famous Hot Dogs and Anderson's Custard Ice Cream

I used to always blog about eating at Mighty Taco in WNY, but I found a new passion, Ted's Famous Hot Dogs and Anderson's Custard Ice Cream. These two places are where the locals eat and are institutions among the B-low crew. Yesterday we spent the day shopping at Target and grabbed lunch. I'm in shock I managed to buy a new yellow polka dot bikini and eat ice cream in the same trip but it worked.

Both locations in Amherst are side-by-side. First up was a dog at Ted's. This place is very Weber's like. When you get out of the car you're hit with a char-broiled smell and picnic tables. I swore off hot dogs long ago but I just could not resist caving at least once a year.

Next stop was Anderson's Custard Ice Cream. Anderson's offers chocolate and vanilla soft serve custard ice cream, but keeps an online calendar of their 'specials of the day' where there is an ever changing line-up of flavours amongst all their locations. I've tried Chocolate Orange Marnier and Cinnamon. My next trip will hopefully align with Banana!!

These two places are so perfectly summer-licious and a bang for your buck with lunch's total just over $5!

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