Friday, April 16, 2010

mini turkey meatloves and sweet-potato pancakes

Here are Mini Turkey Meatloves and Sweet-Potato Pancakes. Certainly a comfort dinner. I never really understood the attraction to meatloaf. I mean, it's a more boring hamburger, right? Well, the only thing that saves it is the topping of sweet chili sauce. I can only justify eating meatloaf if it's made lighter with turkey. Overall it was really enjoyable. The vegetables keep the meat juicy and it really was a quick bake in the oven. The most fun part of making this recipe was squishing the assembled ingredients and forming them into loaves. It was nice to get some use out of my mini loaf pan, but the recipe doesn't require one. They recommend free form loaves.

A side of Sweet Potato Pancakes are a perfect accompaniment. These are basically the same as latkes but using sweet potatoes instead of potatoes. You know what? These are seriously better than sweet potato fries. They would have taken a little bit of time if I used a box grater the way the recipe asked for so I did myself a favour and used the food processor with the shredder blade (which I've never used before). The benefit of quick and pain-free grating outweighed having to clean all the attachments. I just love these and luckily we overbought sweet potatoes so it looks like we will be eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lucky me!

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