Wednesday, April 7, 2010

happy easter

When I was expecting Owen I had this crazy obsession with bunnies. I would see one every morning and sometimes multiples. I was so charmed by them that one day I had a bunny counting record of 5 in one day! I thought throughout my pregnancy that somehow I had Owen's child-like wonder over bunnies.

Owen's first Easter was a lot of fun. He was showered with gifts of plush bunnies, cute clothes and books about bunnies. One of which is the Velveteen Rabbit. This story stands out the most in my mind as one that effected me deeply as a child. It's a story of attachment and validation. I read it to Owen this morning and lost it into the second page. I forced myself to get through the entire thing with tears streaming down my face. I don't think Owen has shed as many tears in his life than I had reading this story to him. It's now my mission to compose myself enough to read this book without so much as a quiver in my voice for when Owen's old enough to realize.

My grandmother came down for Easter and we finally had a chance to snap a 4 generations shot for the other side of the family.

Here's Owen and Dad, dressed similar. Even the bunny Great Grandma gave happened to dress similar as well!


Emily said...

Erin, Owen is so cute!! But I am sure that you don't need to be told that :)

feelscript said...

Aw, thanks for saying Emily. In every way he's growing and being his mom is becoming more and more rewarding :)