Friday, October 1, 2010

meatballs with rosemary

Here's an easy pleasin' meal of Meatballs with Rosemary!

I'm pleased because of how simple it is (i.e. few ingredients, very little chopping, super-quick to make and not a lot of clean-up) and Owen and Nuno were pleased to eat it. Owen's a little pasta baby so he absolutely loved this dinner.

I purchased my meat combo of half pork & half beef at Goeman's Lakeshore Meats (Lakshore Rd. and Lake St.) where they also sell jars of a locally owned tomato sauce purveyor called Marinelli's. I've always seen this sauce around, but this was my first time trying it and it's really super good. I like to make my own tomato sauce, but this sauce is of superb quality.

On my way out I happened to notice that a brand new bakery just opened its doors beside Lakeshore Meats. 'Your Bakery' makes fresh bread (white, sourdough - even San Francisco-Style Sourdough!), bagels, buns, cookies, pies, croissants and pastries. Everything looked so professional and delicious but I thought I'd start with trying their bagels.

They taste very handmade and are the perfect size. I gave Owen his first bagel today which was a portion of the sesame seed bagel with cream cheese. He ate it all and seemed to love it. I really hope they do well because ever since Olson's closed their doors I never know where to go for fresh bread and single portion sweet treats.


alicia said...

i was so sad when olsen's closed! port d just isn't the same. :(

also, i want those meatballs.

Erin said...

Do you visit Niagara or are you from here originally?
Olson's was so great. I now miss all the specialty and imported pantry goods they used to sell. What a treasure lost!

As for the meatballs, MAKE THEM! Just hold back a bit on the lemon because we found the flavour a little strong.