Tuesday, April 27, 2010

farafalle with arugula and white bean

Yesterday I gave Farafalle with Arugula and White Beans a try. I've really been looking forward to this recipe in particular because I love every single ingredient and couldn't wait to taste them together.

This recipe took very little prep. It was basically opening boxes, cans and containers and assembling in sequence. This was great because I was holding Owen and dealing with car insurance over the phone all while making dinner, so to have my head not focused on dinner and still have it turn out was a feat onto itself.

When Nuno saw what was for dinner he said, "Looks healthy." And I have to make it clear, this recipe is not healthy. Half a stick of butter goes into this recipe, so that's not a picture of health. But it tasted fantastic. I think this recipe would only be pleasant for people who enjoy the flavours of cannellini beans, arugula and walnuts. Otherwise, forget it because there isn't any parmesan or tomato sauce to disguise the flavour.

A coworker of Nuno's gave us their old Jolly Jumper. My mother always swore by them because of how happily occupied my sister and I were in one, so I was pleased to be given this item. Owen has very few hand-me-downs since we don't have many people in our lives with children. I actually like it that way because Owen's been able to get the newest and safest of everything. But this item, I'm just not sure how safe it is. We decided if he's supervised we might as well give it a go. We set it up in the kitchen door frame this morning and, wow, Owen loves it! It's given him a new type of mobility he's never experienced and he's so happy to be upright.

In the past week Owen has shown an interest in petting Hot Tot and my parent's dog Abby. He loves to reach out and touch them and Hot Tot responds happily with kisses. They are so sweet together and seem to enjoy learning about each other and bonding.

Here Tot managed to steal a kiss from Owen. Happy baby + happy doggy = happy parents!

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