Monday, November 29, 2010

glazed lemon pound cakes

We have this recipe that's an old standby in my family for Lemon Supreme Pound Cake. Just this past year at my family cottage in North Bay I found the source - a cut-out panel from a Duncan Hines cake box circa 1960. It's fool-proof and delicious however not genuine.
I've never made a pound cake from scratch, so baking Everyday Food's Glazed Lemon Pound Cakes was a great way to give it a go. Although it doesn't call for a pound of butter, a pound of flour and a pound of eggs like the original pound cake recipes do, I consider this recipe a little more true to form than the Duncan Hines pudding cake my family uses.
Because of the lemon pound cake history, I decided to make this recipe for my mother's birthday last weekend. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as the Duncan Hines cake is. It was very astringent, which I guess is to be expected from a whole cup of fresh lemon juice! It was so intensely sour for my taste as well as my mothers. However, this cake did mellow the next day because it seems like most people are down the middle with this one. My dad and Nuno loved it as did all my coworkers (who enjoyed the second pound cake!).

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