Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010

I never felt like Halloween was exclusively for kids since Nuno and I, for the past 11 years, have always dressed up together. We typically have costumes which relate to each other and now with Owen in the mix we are taking advantage of the time we are able to actually choose his costume for him. We also chose to take him to a party way past his bed time in Toronto - Aunt Katie & Awn's Halloween Party. It was awesome! Here is a shot of Nuno, Owen and myself.

Sock, Sock Monkey and Monkey. Our dog Hot Tot was a banana.

On Sunday I treated everyone to an impromptu batch of Pumpkin Waffles. Owen's waffles were these mini Sanrio ones.

I'm wondering when the time will come that he protests to eating Hello Kitty waffles and will only eat the bear ones.  

In the evening we did a quick Trick or Treat run around my parents neighbourhood in Welland. Owen wasn't too sure about dressing up for a fourth time, but I think this final round proved to be worth it. We went from house to house and everyone made such a big deal about him, which got him pretty pumped, that he started waving frantically to everyone. He may have thought he was a celebrity with how he was being paraded around and fawned over. His final stop was to the home of a neighbour who never had children herself. I think that explains why she handed out cans of cream soda.

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alicia said...

you all look so adorable!

also, getting cans of pop in your trick or treat bag is the worst. it weighs you down with no reward!