Saturday, September 11, 2010

roasted vegetable soup

A chill in the air on Thursday left me wanting soup. Luckily there is a great Roasted Vegetable Soup in Everyday Food that bridges the gap of late summer tomato season and the cool days rolling into fall. Fresh field tomatoes, carrots, leeks and garlic.

No way around it, I had to use the oven for this soup. It took a couple hours for all these vegetables to soften, but once they were roasted the soup came together super quick. Simply adding stock and water to the veggies, bring to a boil then puree. I guess it is not recommended for babies to eat soup, so I just pureed a few roasted vegetables for Owen's dinner.

I've never liked tomato soup, but this is probably the closest thing to a tomato soup I'll enjoy. It really is lovely and when I'm back to work I think I'll make this on the weekends and bring to work for lunch. We paired this with a simple arugula salad and a French bread with herbed goat cheese to complete the meal.

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