Wednesday, May 19, 2010

coconut beef curry

Last night I made Coconut Beef Curry.

I discovered this recipe in Everyday Food magazine October 2007 issue and gave it a go when it was first published. I thought it was alright, but I don't think I made it again. I love coconut curry but admittedly have a little bit of a food hang up. So, here it is. I try and avoid imported canned foods. More specifically, plastic lined cans containing high fat foods. I became aware of PCB transfer into food and how foreign countries don't have the same regulations in place to prevent any issues related. Now, PCB's transfer easily in fats, so I tend to avoid coconut milk and tuna imported from south east Asia. This may be silly and unwarranted, but while pregnant as well as nursing I thought I'd take precautions. So my way around the above issue was to buy light coconut milk from Whole Foods.

I believe this changed the consistency of the dinner since the low fat content prevented the sauce from thickening up, but that is OK. The flavour is still there. It is a great treat and a good way to get some red meat in your diet. This was criminally easy to make with just a few very simple and fresh ingredients.

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