Friday, March 26, 2010

manhattan fish chowder

Last night's dinner was Manhattan Fish Chowder. I've never had the real deal before, but this recipe is absolutely delicious! Not only is it a 'make again', I'll be having this as a stand by for a regular meal choice.

As I sing the praises of this soup, I have to draw attention to another Everyday Food potato issue. The undercooked potato happened again with this recipe. There is nothing grosser than an undercooked potato and nothing more annoying than to have to unexpectedly wait another 50 minutes on top of the estimated cooking time. Clearly I don't have a heck of a lot of experience cooking potatoes, but Everyday Food isn't helping me any. Well, that's it! I've decided whenever a recipe calls for potato I'm par-boiling without question. I wonder if American potatoes are grown mushier than rock hard Canadian potatoes because I can't seem to figure out why Everyday Food seems to think a potato can be cooked to perfection in half an hour (or less in some cases).

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