Sunday, March 21, 2010

wishing it was food time

I have been having some of you asking for Owen updates.

He just turned four months old and had a major growth spurt. Along with it comes alot of self discovery, notably his voice. He is now very vocal with loads of squeals of delight and some of displeasure. He has a fuss time now of 5pm till 7pm. It seems to correspond with dinner. We figured out what's been eating at the little guy - his inability to eat our food. I guess all this cooking from Everyday Food creates aromas that Owen wants to try. He is fascinated by watching us eat food and now associates the smell of delicious food to us eating. So I have to be sure he's good and full before I eat and most of the time I'm interrupted by his fussing while I try and enjoy dinner. So I hope he ends up being a good little eater since Nuno and I enjoy cooking so much. I'm very much looking forward to making him fresh food. At six months he will be eating purees and I can't wait to go shopping at the Farmer's Market for all the fresh produce in spring and summer.

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