Monday, March 15, 2010

kinder frames

Like I mentioned, this weekend was a get-together with all the in-laws. Joe, Sara and Paige were back from Calgary, so it was a great time to see everyone. Paige and Owen seem to becoming closer and closer in age now, it's super cute.

With infrequent visits, we do a lot of story swapping and photo sharing to fill in the time gaps. I decided I wanted to make special photo frames for everyone with Owen's most recent pics (taken yesterday - his four month birthday). I found my old Kinder Surprise collection from high school and used the toys as inspiration for these frames.

I love how they turned out and so did everyone else!


Maryanne said...

Erin - Love your blog! I finally figured out how to comment. These frames are amazing - how did you make them? The pictures of Owen are too cute - he's changing so fast!

feelscript said...

Hi Aunt Maryanne!
They started out as wooden frames (like the kind you can find at the craft store). We just painted them with those small tubes of acrylic paint. We glued the kinder toys on with hot glue.
Owen is changing a lot and fast. His personality is really coming through these days.
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