Friday, March 5, 2010

mexican wedding cakes

OK, here is my first attempt at baking from Everyday Food. I was worried about this because Nuno doesn't eat sugar and I'm not knowledgeable enough on baking substitutions to figure out how to rework these recipes to use agave nectar or Splenda. In order to get through all the sweet recipes I have to have a good excuse to share the baking or I'll end up eating everything myself! Today is an office meeting, so it is the perfect excuse to bake. Because I hadn't planned on baking anything this week I had to bake from ingredients I had on hand. This fit the bill for the Mexican Wedding Cakes. I have a stash of pecans in the deep freeze that my dad would bring home from Georgia when driving back to Ontario from Florida. It kills me to use them though because he no longer drives, so my pecan supply is now dry.

So, baking doesn't get any simpler than these cookies, it's almost as easy as buying those tubes of chilled Pillsbury dough. OK, a few more steps, but you get what I'm saying. The only thing about this recipe is
that it takes a little time because of a few extra steps. It requires you to chill the dough for an hour before baking, then cooling before the powdered sugar completes the cookies. They are so fragrant while baking because of the cinnamon and the texture is dry and crumbly but melting when eaten. My gosh, they are so delicious I can't begin to tell you all the ways I love these cookies! I might just accidentally forget to bring them to that meeting today.

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