Tuesday, September 28, 2010

apple brown betty

My mother and father in-law are very passionate about home cooking and their interest inspired me years ago to start learning how to cook. When we visit, my mother-in-law is a little bit of a food pusher and sent us home with a bunch of apples they had just hand picked from a local farm. Crispin (Mutsu), Courtland and Empire.

That got me super excited about making Everyday Food's Apple Brown Betty. A brown betty is very similar to a cobbler, grunt & crisp but uses white bread crumbs. So it's the easiest, most simple and economical of the bunch. And, this recipe had 'baby dessert' written all over it! Along with toasted white bread crumbs you combine a little butter, sugar and spices baked with your choice of apples (I chose Courtland and they turned out fantastic!). It is so simple but tasted so good. Because of its simplicity you really enjoy the flavour of the spiced baked apple. Actually, this was my first time grating fresh nutmeg, and wow, is it ever nice!

Owen decided that he liked it so much he fed this dessert to himself. This was the first time he was actually somewhat successful at eating from a spoon on his own.

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