Wednesday, July 6, 2011

rum glazed shrimp and mango

On July 4th we took our dinner to-go. We packed up and went to Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie with our picnic barbeque. While Owen and I watched the horses on the merry-go-round, Nuno barbequed the squers of Rum-Glazed Shrimp and Mango from Everyday Food Great Food Fast.
We arrived with a container of Couscous and Ambrosia Salad I'd already prepared. I love my ambrosia salad to taste like a pina colada so I never include tinned mandarain or marashino cherries. Canned fruit, well, I can't seem to bring myself to ever buy it. I'm not even sure how ambrosia qualifies as a salad, but when you can put marshmallows, coconut and pineapple on a plate and call it dinner, I'll take it! As will Owen. Along with avocado, mangoes were his favourite starter foods a year ago. After tasting the bbq'd mango alongside the ambrosia salad I'm going to start adding mangoes in my ambrosia salad.

We let Owen spend the rest of the evening on Port Dalhousie beach playing in the sand. The daycare told me he's a magnet to the sand box and loves to eat sand. Yes, I have the kid who eats sand! What's next, worms?  Luckily the daycare must have recently curbed his appetite for sand because he had a blast playing and getting dirty. Getting sandy from head-to-toe is A-OK with me when there is a bath immedietly in store.


alicia said...

i thought i was the only person under 80 who liked ambrosia. i had a luau party once and made coconut cupcakes with ambrosia topping and NO ONE ate them. sadness.

Erin said...

I know, we need to bring the retro back with Ambrosia! What a great idea you had there (both cupcakes and party theme).
I got my ambrosia recipe from a dusty pile of recipe cards at my grandmother's cottage.