Monday, July 4, 2011

canada day weekend

We are right at that age with Owen where we are able enjoy all the wonderful things that go along with getting out with your children. He's talking, running, playing, swimming and couldn't possibly be more fun. I said to Nuno, if I knew how much fun Owen was going to be while expecting him, I would have been even more brimming with excitement than I already was! 

I'll share a few photos of this past weekend, but I honestly didn't even come close to capturing everything which included carousel rides, stroll along the beach, midway fascination, playing & climbing at parks, splash pad play, food festival, steel drum in a band shell, pool swims, cake decorating, stroller jog along the canal, pony rides, fair games, barbecue, Owen running, playing and squealing for joy at the top of his lungs with cousins.
And, ice cream, ice cream and even more ice cream! Owen doesn't stop to take a breath - I'm serious. 
We all know about hot dog eating - well, is there such thing as an ice cream eating competition? I have a strong candidate.

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