Sunday, July 24, 2011

cottage pics

Ah! Our trip to the cottage this year was probably the most amazing one we've ever had. Great weather and so much fun.
Webers is our tradition. We'll hit it either going up or coming back down - or some years both ways. It really breaks up the trip.
Owen decided he was really into fries with ketchup.

Once up, Owen was a little sand & water guy. We knew he was into both, but to spend a week doing nothing but hangout beach side, this was what I think Owen's perfect vacation must be.
Every year all the kids get measured on the cottage growth chart. Owen's already taller than I was at two and a half.

We always spend tons of time at parks while up north. We visited at least one a day and a total of 4 in North Bay.
This is at Champlain Park.
Owen always ran right over to the frog bouncer.
Kiwanis Park.
As you can tell from Owen's windblown hair, Thursday was really breezy. Which was a good thing because that was the day that registered 50 degrees in Southern Ontario. 
It was so gusty we decided to fly our kite at Sunset Point. We weren't the only ones with the same idea. There were many windsurfers catching waves at the park.
At sunset they were windsurfing right in front of the cottage along our bay. This was a rare thrill. 
I didn't capture it, but some surfers launched at least 30 feet in the air.
Owen's at an age right now where he's completely obsessed with ducks. At Zooz we couldn't tear him away from just one animal - the duck taking a bath. 
Can you imagine what it was like for Owen when he had a chance to feed the ducks? They came only inches from him.
Speaking of baths, here's Owen in his little tub where he was washed down every night. He could spend an hour just playing with his squirty toys in this tiny little tub.
There is a very cool train by the waterfront. Owen is now old enough to enjoy the rides.
 "Choo-Choo" Owen claps as the train pulls in.
 He got to ring the bell and blow the whistle.
There is also an adorable carousel with hand crafted animals all inspired by the local wildlife. Owen wanted to ride the 'lion' which was a cougar.
Bye bye ducks. Bye bye chipmunks.

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