Thursday, July 15, 2010

german potato salad, radicchio and endive slaw, arugula with avocado, blackberries and feta

Ever wonder what to have with a sandwich for dinner? A salad... or try three! That wasn't the plan, but sorta just happened that way based on what I had lying around yesterday.

This is Everyday Food's German Potato Salad. Very quick, simple and good. If I make this again in the future it will have to sit overnight to intensify the flavour a bit.

Another quick salad is Everyday Food's Radicchio and Endive Salad. Same as above, quick, simple and good. It made a ton! Too bad it only lasts a few hours.

Finally, the show stopper! Visually and flavourfully above all the rest is Anna Olson's Arugula with Avocado, Blackberries and Feta. This is so surprisingly delicious I can't wait to have it again for next day lunch. I have to admit, I fully expected this salad to be that delicious. When we saw the Olson's cooking demo at Inniskillin they sampled the Corn and Blueberry Toss from Fresh (which my mom made this past weekend) and this unusual flavour combination is out of this world. I think it is a new summer staple in my family because we all love it. When we eat it we just sit there saying how good it is.

Having this many unrelated salads together in one meal felt very summery. Like a potluck or a family gathering. In hindsight, we should have eaten at the picnic table in the backyard, it would have been a perfect meal for it!

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