Thursday, July 29, 2010

peach-blueberry cobbler

I've learned something very valuable while up here at the cottage - Bulk Barn is your best friend. I had planned on baking the Peach Buckle, so I brought all the necessary ingredients with me. Yesterday I decided to make a Peach-Blueberry Cobbler with the leftover fruit. With less than half the ingredients in the cottage, I was able to pick up the rest at Bulk Barn for less than $2. Super economical for such a dreamy dessert.

Sigh, it is so delicious! Buckles, slumps, grunts, clafoutis, cobblers - all the like are perfect no-fuss cottage desserts. Better than pie, in my humble opinion.

I halved the recipe because it would fit best in the cottage's Pyrex dish. I also made a cardinal baking sin, I used heart healthy margarine in place of butter! Never thought I'd see the day, but I love my grandma too much to be baking with food deemed off limits to her. She loved it! She's telling people about my cooking up here and said she's never eaten better and she's getting 'gourmet' meals! A bit exaggerated, but I'll take a compliment where I can get it.

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