Wednesday, July 21, 2010

spinach linguine with creamy walnut sauce and broiled spiced apricots with ginger whipped cream

Here is Spinach Linguine with Creamy Walnut Sauce.

This is very heavy and rich. I actually revised the recipe slightly when it called for a cup of heavy cream I used half whipping cream and half & half. I doubt there really is a difference because it seemed to work out great. The first night we had this I thought it wasn't bad, but not great. But having the rest last night, the flavour had improved so much. I kept a bit of the pasta liquid around for reheating the leftovers and it's a good technique for rehydrating pasta without making it soupy.

Then for dessert we enjoyed Broiled Spiced Apricots with Ginger Whipped Cream.

I honestly didn't think much of this dessert because it seemed too simple, but it is so incredibly delicious! It's the best apricot dessert I've ever tasted. This is honestly the easiest to make - in turn - impressive dessert I can think of. You all must try it... today... before apricot season is over!

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