Monday, November 8, 2010


Here is Pastisio. 

This Greek dish is a baked pasta using ground lamb with a generous covering of bechamel sauce. I think ground lamb was one of the most difficult ingredients to find in this book. I kept having to back date the plan for making this recipe because every place I thought I'd find ground lamb doesn't seem to sell it. Most butchers don't offer it. I was desperate and even went to the States to find it and Wegman's doesn't sell it either. Looks like I didn't have to look much futher than my backyard because Lake Land Game Meats had it. This is a farm in St. Catharines which raises it's own meat including venison, elk, wild boar, bison and lamb.

This baked pasta dish is very nice. I'm so glad I went to the effort of tracking down lamb because lamb paired with the cinnamon in this dinner is so delicous. Owen and Nuno were bonkers over it! And the nice thing about this dinner is that it lasted more than one meal and is wonderful as next day leftovers.

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alicia said...

my mom's boyfriend made kangaroo burgers from lakeland meats once. KANGAROO! my mom said they smelled really weird and tasted like the weird smell. haha!

i hope martha doesn't have any kangaroo recipes in everyday food...