Sunday, June 6, 2010

dill-feta scrambled eggs in a pita

What a rough night last night was. I woke up at midnight to a power failure and the battery back-ups buzzing like mad. Then for the rest of the night the power would restore and then fail again setting the back-ups into hysteria. I think I eventually nodded back off at 5am to be woken by Owen at 6:30am. I needed to have a breakfast of champions if I was to make it through the day! So, I saw what I had on hand and decided to make Dill-Feta Scrambled Eggs in a Pita.

I always stay true to every recipe, but since I didn't have any fresh dill in the house I subbed in chives instead. Not a major modification and it works better for us anyways because Nuno isn't a dill fan. I have quite a few farm fresh eggs in the fridge right now and I used the eggs given to us by Tawse Winery. Katie and I went wine tasting mid-week last week and since Katie bought a bottle at Tawse they let me have a carton of their free range eggs at no charge. These eggs are incredible and were the best for this breakfast. The only real complaint I have is that the scrambled eggs seemed to render quite a bit of liquid which made for a soggy pita. We ended up having to eat breakfast with a knife and fork.

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