Friday, June 11, 2010

a strawberry story

Yesterday was strawberry picking day! I'm super excited to be making jam this year and I'm starting with Strawberries. I put on my strawberry shirt, enlisted Katie for help with Owen and we drove out to Bry-Anne Farms for some mid-day picking.

Here's Owen and I. This is a picture of what NOT to do when you decide to go strawberry picking. First off, don't wear a ridiculous ruffled strawberry shirt. Don't wear sandals or any open toe shoes. Don't leave your leg's exposed. And above all, don't take your stroller for some off-road action into the patch. Somehow after looking totally amateur next to all the galosh wearing expert pickers out there we had tons and tons of fun. Seriously, the bounty was unbelievable out there. I could afford to be totally choosy and pick the brightest and juiciest berries.

We walked out with too many berries than we knew what to do with. I immediately went home and made strawberry jam and banberry jam (what else but a combo of strawberry and banana!). Banberry jam is totally dreamy, how is this not available in the supermarket?

There are so many left overs it kills me. I feel under the gun to get these preserved before they go bad. I'll be having lots of fun for the next few days discovering all the different ways to use strawberries without the use of an oven. Starting off this morning with a strawberry & banana smoothie!

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