Saturday, October 2, 2010

baked flounder (halibut) with roasted tomatoes and sauteed escarole

I know a few vegetarians who chose their lifestyle because the animals we eat are too cute to eat. I don't know if they saw "Babe" and were forever changed. But what happens when your food frightens you? That's what happened when I looked into flounder.

Flounder - I pictured the cute character from the Little Mermaid with his kiddie voice, so I was endeared to the idea of buying flounder. Then I asked at the seafood counter and was told that no fish market here in Niagara sells flounder, but this species of fish are similar to sole and halibut. So I googled these fish and became so irked by the hideous look them that I went to bed after my search to be haunted by these fish in nightmares all night! In an effort to feel empowered, I'm now looking forward to roasting this guy up and chow down to show this creepy fish who's boss!

Anyways, halibut was on sale this week (I use the term sale loosely because this ugly son-of-a-bitch fish cost $12/lb). But I made Baked Flounder (Halibut) with Roasted Tomatoes along with Sauteed Escarole. I had to clear my afternoon schedule for several hours of tomato roasting in the jank oven. Well, I can officially say this is the last meal in the old oven because the new one will be installed Monday!

This dinner was quite easy to make with very little prep, just a lot of downtime as the tomatoes roast in the oven. Well worth the wait because roasted roma tomatoes are one of life's simple luxuries. The fish was sweet, moist and flavourful. The sauteed escarole was nice but slightly bitter. But, wow, this entire meal had an air of high-end dining which is a wonderful feeling when you enjoy home cooking and have a little one to spend the evening with. Best of both worlds!

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