Thursday, October 28, 2010

halloween lollipop cookies

Owen started day care this week and it's going very well for him. Me on the other hand... well, I just have to keep busy or I find myself missing the little guy like crazy. Luckily the daycare was fundraising this week so I got to participate in my first bake sale!! I wanted something festive and as well as something parents could buy for their kids, so I made Lollipop Cookies

They took quite a bit of time (all afternoon) but the I made out with 35 cookies, 25 which went to the bake sale and 10 which went to Owen's first halloween party with all of his baby friends. 

I had to share a pic! He wasn't too impressed to be dressed up.

One of the many things that makes me feel so comfortable with Owen at daycare is their focus on nutrition and healthy eating. There is a staff who provides all the snacks and lunch for the children at the facility. It's all based on Canada's Nutrition Guide and the on site cook prepares all the food and shares the menu plan a month in advance. We are given a copy of this menu at the beginning of the month where we are able to note changes, omissions and modifications. Since attending daycare he's already had minestrone soup & sandwiches, ham & hashbrowns, meatloaf & dollar chips and tons of fresh fruits and veggies.

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