Tuesday, May 4, 2010

warm spinach salad with poached eggs

We both are unanimous about this recipe for Warm Spinach Salad with Poached Eggs. It's absolutely fantastic! I could probably eat this once a week and never tire of it. It is restaurant quality, very quick and very easy. I'm still glowing from how well received this was by Nuno. He even complimented me on my bacon frying skills. I made one minor adjustment to this recipe, which was to pour off half the bacon fat. This recipe is quite high in fat if you were to use all the leftover rendered fat. I left about a tablespoon of fat behind and it was the perfect amount for the dressing. Super tasty.

I'm totally geeking out on a huge sense of pride over successfully poaching eggs! I tried years ago and ended up with a disaster of murky egg white water and a floating yolk. Ever since then I've stuck to a contraption with egg moulds that steam your eggs into what look like poached eggs. I don't know if you've seen anyone on TV poach an egg in water before but even if you are successful the whites sometimes appear scraggly. But this recipe gave illustrated instructions on how to poach and I totally nailed them! Not one straggly edge - just poaching perfection. I forgot to time them, and I don't know how, but they were even perfectly done to my and Nuno's taste with a runny yolk. So good.


karissa said...

Looks delish! One of the things I look most forward to eating after nine months of pregnancy is a runny poached egg on buttered wholewheat toast. yum!

My grandad's secret (well, I don't know how much of a secret it really is!) to a perfect poached egg was to add a few TBSP of white vinegar to your water before boiling and also using the freshest eggs possible.

Next time we get together I'll bring you a carton of fresh free range eggs from my Aunt Teri's chickens. They are literally only days old and make the most beautiful poached eggs I have ever eaten.

feelscript said...

I agree, it really stinks go give up runny eggs in pregnancy. I made an Easter Brunch in my first trimester with poached eggs and hollandaise, both of which I had to pass on.

You're right, the vinegar is what made it work. Another tip is to have the water barely at a simmer, just bubbling on the bottom.

Wow, I'd love to try your Aunt's chicken eggs. I eat an egg once a day.