Sunday, May 16, 2010

clapping monkey, laughing baby

Soooooo tired. We got home from a wedding at 3am this morning and Owen was bright and chipper for the day at 7am. Being exhausted and having a baby who's a bundle of energy brings your spirits right up even when you're bleary-eyed. We were playing with Owen this morning and decided to capture his laughter in action with our video camera. Nuno has posted the video onto YouTube so I wanted to share it (clip at bottom of entry).

Since Hot Tot had to stay home while we were at the wedding, we felt like she deserved a treat. So we brought her to the annual Spring Fling Pug-a-Lug. She's always stayed close to us in the past, but this year she was running everywhere. She wouldn't even stay still long enough for us to get a photo of her and Owen together. They were both wearing their matching Dwell Studio guitar shirts.

It's funny, whenever we go out people stop us to tell us how adorable Owen is. I'm sure all parents of babies experience this. Wherever you go, even for a quick stop to grab a carton of milk, you hear how gorgeous your baby is and how fast they grow up. It's always very flattering and sometimes makes me a little sad to be reminded that this wonderful time will pass quickly.

Well, we found the one place where we were left alone to enjoy our time with Hot Tot. Yep, the dog obsessed Pug-a-Lug goers seem to have no in-your-face baby loving going down. haha Dog lovers united!

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