Thursday, May 13, 2010

i'm with best food ever

Has anyone tuned into the brand new TLC show called Best Food Ever? Another overdone food show blending "Best Thing I Ever Ate", "Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives" and those Star countdown type shows. I just couldn't resist tuning in not only because it's food related, but it's narrated by John Goodman. The premise: every episode lists their picks for top places around the US to find the "Best Of". The first episode was Sensational Sandwiches and I felt like the show was totally whack. There didn't seem to be any method to their choices and the sandwiches were just silly - nothing special, nothing of quality and hardly unique.

I ended up catching the second episode, Bodacious Bakeries. This definitely piqued my interest. It was baker's eye candy and so much fun to watch. When the countdown came to number three they revealed Tartine in San Fransisco. Nuno and I went there on our honeymoon and I can totally attest to the quality of this bakery. Famous for their croissants I snapped a photo of the almond croissant I ate. Mmmm, crispy, light and flaky exterior contrasting a centre of rich pastry cream filled delight. I'll never forget the experience of eating this.

The line up is always out the door. We went at 11 am on a Tuesday in September and had to wait. When we finally made it in here was the display before us.

Those in SF are a group of very lucky people to be able to enjoy this bakery.

When John Goodman revealed the number one bakery was Modern Pastry in Boston I was super excited. We also visited this bakery 2 years ago while in town.

Actually, my evening in the North End of Boston is one of my favourite memories of all time. I enjoyed fresh oysters and wine at Neptune Oysters and finished the evening at Modern Pastry with a cannoli. Turns out they are famous for their torrone and now wish I picked up one of those as well.

I get a kick out of how I've somehow managed to end up at some of the best places on my trips to cities in the US. I'm getting serious now. I'm making it my mission to start visiting these Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives joints!

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