Saturday, August 28, 2010

peach-strawberry smoothie

This Peach-Strawberry Smoothie is the last in the 4 smoothie recipes in Everyday Food. I originally planned on making it during strawberry season but then had a change of heart because a good peach is hard to come by during strawberry season. So I froze some of our processed fresh berries in June and made this smoothie today during the height of fresh peach season!

Judging by the ingredient list I felt as though it was a little too simple to be any good. I always figure you need a little fat to make a great smoothie. However, I stand very corrected with this smoothie. I think this may be the best one of the bunch, especially right now with the way the Niagara peaches are.

While Nuno was enjoying his early Saturday morning smoothie today in bed, Owen was with us and kept eye balling the drink.

Nuno helped guide the straw into his mouth and he knew exactly what to do. After several icy sips Owen started teetering and tottering as if drunk. Turns out he had Baby's First Brain Freeze!

edit: Sunday morning and I made this again but this time using frozen raspberries in place of strawberries. It's just as good, or maybe better because it tastes like a peach melba smoothie!

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