Thursday, August 26, 2010

montreal-style bagel with cream cheese and lox

I have the best sister in the world! On her recent trip to Montreal, she returned with a sleeve of Fairmount bagels for us. I've never had a Montreal-style bagel before so last night we decided to toast them up with some cream cheese & lox.

These bagels are very different than the grocery store & Tim Horton's ones I'm used to. They are very dense, have a tough and chewy exterior and a slightly sweet taste. They certainly aren't your cookie-cutter type of bagel. I took the first one out of the sleeve and thought it was burnt on the outside. I then clued in that it must be wood-fire oven baked. We had both sesame seed and onion bagels and I can't decide which I like more. Because of their pretzel-like density eating one was enough for me for dinner.

Eating a Montreal-Style Bagel with Cream Cheese & Lox crosses off another of my life's 'to do before I die'. Actually, I could really get used to eating these, I wonder if they mail-order?


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin - It's Aunt Maryanne. We LOVE Montral style bagels too and the only place I've found that you can get them is at the Bagel House on Bayview (near your Grandma's) in Leaside. We used to get them weekly when we lived in there but sadly haven't found any down this way.

Mig said...

yes you can! i've had bagels from here and they are great.

although it seems that they are the mortal enemy of fairmont bagels

karissa said...

I can vouch for St.Viateur bagels. They were just down the street from where Kevin I used to live. We would buy two fresh from the oven with two mini packs of cream cheese and eat them on a bench outside the bakery. so good! You can get Montreal bagels at Chez Fromage in Fenwick but you may want to call before you go just to be sure they are open...they seem to have strange hours. On the other hand, if you want delishishly fresh bagels you can always try to make your own...I have a really easy and delicious recipe that I make quite frequently. Let me know if you want me to send it to you. xo

Erin said...

Aunt Maryanne,
Next visit to Leaside I'm grabbing a bunch! Thanks for the tip.

Wow, we'll have to try St. Viateur and do a little comparison. BTW, thanks so much for the CD's. I started by loading Avi buffalo and I love this album so much I can't listen to anything else. I'm sure to listen to everything else soon.

Wow, Chez Fromage in Fenwick! Thanks for the tip. Do you make your own bagels? I have a fear of working with any dough requiring yeast/proofing. Maybe it's time to get over it :) If you send it we'll give it a go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks "Mig"!! - I checked your link and they're at our local Metro!