Wednesday, September 22, 2010

artichoke and salami sandwiches

I love when an Everyday Food recipe can be made in 10 minutes without the stove-top or oven!

This is an Artichoke and Salami Sandwich. I'm sure the title of this dinner would send shivers down the spine of any kid... and maybe a few adults. But for us this was one amazingly delicious flavour combination. Seriously, so good! Nice in the same way Ham and Swiss or Turkey and Ranch are together.

So a bit about what goes into this sandwich, other than the obvious.
Slices of fontina cheese, baby spinach and thinly sliced Hungarian Salami from Country Corner. The dressing is a combination of artichoke hearts, mayo, fresh basil and lemon. All served on, what the recipe calls for a French country loaf, but I had to substitute for Italian loaf. The bread and cheese are from Antipasto's Di Roma and their accompanying bakery Con Gusto.

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