Monday, September 13, 2010

el gastronomo vagabundo - help free the mobile cart industry in Ontario!

Nuno and I are huge fans of a roving gourmet truck called El Gastronomo Vagabundo. Last we visited we enjoyed a foie gras torchon sushi roll, a breakfast ingredient taco called The Hangover which included bacon, eggs, salsa, honey, jalepenos and a Hulk taco which features a green curry.

El Gastro has been getting a lot of press recently in the Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen not only because of their outstanding menu, but for a battle to roam and cook free! There is currently legislation limiting what is sold on mobile carts in Ontario. Mostly allowing all those pre-packaged horribly over-processed foods to be sold and nothing even remotely fresh and inspired the way El Gastro does it up. So they are on a mission to change that and if you are reading this I'd like to ask you to consider signing an online petition for municipal street food vendor permits for businesses offering healthy mobile food options. Please read the two newspaper articles linked at the beginning of this paragraph or visit them online for more information about this situation.

The food industry is changing rapidly and in many ways for the better. Ever want to feel like your helping this revolution, sign on and feel empowered!

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