Saturday, June 12, 2010

pork chops with bulgur stuffing and quick-marinated yellow squash salad

Last night we had Pork Chops with Bulgur Stuffing and Quick-Marinated Yellow Squash Salad on the side.

I really don't enjoy pork chops and haven't had one in probably ten years. I just have memories of tiny little chops overdone on the bbq. Well, this pork chops w/ bulgur stuffing does an excellent job of disguising all the qualities I dislike in a chop. We enjoyed the stuffing so much I'll probably just make the stuffing as a salad onto itself. Maybe add pork tenderloin slices to it for a full meal. The quick-marinated yellow squash salad name says it all. It really is quick, nice, healthy and fresh in flavour. This really was a nice meal.

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