Saturday, June 26, 2010

groceries in the states

a.k.a - Junk Food Re-up. I talk about eating freshly prepared foods and home cooking often but I'm not beyond casual indulgences. I love food and even junk food is perfectly OK. In moderation of course.

As any Canadian knows, there are some grocery items that don't see the light of day up here but they somehow make it onto our radar. Living in Niagara has a real benefit of cross-border shopping for these items. I happened to need to do a couple exchanges at Target, so to maximize my time in the US, I decided to stop by Wegman's Grocery Store. I love shopping here but will typically spend only 10 minutes grabbing a couple things and then fleeing. But being on mat leave affords me a little more time to spend shopping for groceries. Since I spent a little more time at Wegman's yesterday and am now very familiar with their grocery selection, I figured I'd grab a frequent shopper's card while there. Looks like I've started a new habit.

For over a month now I've been keeping a mental list of items I can't seem to find in Canada. I somehow managed to find everything I was after at Wegman's. I'm very pleased to have found, hands down, the most difficult to find grocery item from Everyday Food. Spinach linguine! I'm not sure why, but even at the most stocked Italian markets it wasn't anywhere to be found. Not even in the fresh pasta sections of every grocery store (including Whole Foods). Also, I hope these M&M's Pretzels make it up here to Canada. I can't stand M&M's but the pretzel version is awesome!

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