Wednesday, September 14, 2011

greek salad with seasoned flatbread

Who needs to use a recipe to make a Greek Salad? My mom's been making a great one since I was young and now I make the same one which I consider to be perfect. But we decided to give this Greek Salad with Seasoned Flatbread a whirl anyway.
What a throwdown this salad is. This is what I consider to be a perfected version of a greek salad. I ran out of red wine vinegar after making the Shrimp Gazpacho, so I used balsamic instead. But it really was great with that revision. The addition of the seasoned flatbread is a great idea. We used the dressing and spread it over pitas along with sprinkled oregano s&p. 
I'm so glad we tried this recipe because it tastes quite different than any greek salad I've ever had before. That's the great thing about cooking from recipes. There are people who are so expert in the kitchen they claim to never use recipes. Ah, I'm not one of them but am very proud of you if you are. The way I see it chef's are paid to invent recipes. Magazines like Everyday Food exist to simplify those recipes for home-cooks. As a household of two full time working parents I like to have some insurance that what we are having for dinner is tried-tested-and-true (which is how most of the Everyday Food recipes are). This gives us the opportunity to have lots of variety in our diet and experiment with different foods instead of having that same dinner over and over again. And I think having a varied diet helps to raise children who aren't such picky eaters.
Here Owen enjoying his pita with hummus and cucumbers.  He loves to ask for his "Pitahhhh!"

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