Tuesday, September 27, 2011

apple picking

It's important to me that Owen learns about where his food comes from. He goes grocery shopping with me regularly and for walks to the Farmer's Market downtown with his daycare. But the most fun is to get out there and pick your own fresh produce. This weekend we were invited to go apple picking with my in-laws and we had such a great time!
I love family outings berry picking, but apple picking is a whole new experience. I'm still learning which apples are in season, how to identify each of them and which are good for baking and which are good for eating. 
We went to Froot-To-Go in Waterdown. This place is a huge orchard with plenty of dwarf trees for little hands to pick off. We picked Empires and Courtland apples.
Here's Owen and his big cousin Ronan.
Owen has a bit of a hero complex with his cousin Ronan.
I'm hoping to use some of our pickings in an apple tart as part of our Thanksgiving dinner, which I'm really looking forward to hosting at our home this year.


Anonymous said...

Apple picking is the best with kids. I remember one year when we got home Laura (about 3) sat on our front porch and cried "Go back to the Farm". Owen is looking so big and I still think of Ronan as the baby @ your wedding.

Erin said...

awww, too cute about Laura! I was pleasantly surprised at how much Owen enjoyed it. I figured he'd just want to play on the on-site playground but he had no interest in it. He just wanted to pick and eat apples all day.
I know, Ronan is so grown up now - he's in junior kindergarden now. Wow!