Wednesday, September 28, 2011

french macaroons

Today marks another at home sick day with Owen. So welcome to another addition of What Do I Have Time To Bake During A Nap? This time around I decided to try making French Macaroons. They are notoriously temperamental to make and I don't have the skill, time or patience for it. So while perusing the aisles of Bulk Barn I stumbled upon a French Macaroon mix which I was all too curious to try.
You simply measure your dry mix, hydrate with water and beat the hell out of it. I added a little red food colouring so my macaroons would turn pink. I then piped them onto parchment and baked as instructed. They turned out homemade looking with cracked imperfections but they are still quite nice. I decided to use raspberry jam as filling to fulfill the pink flavour. They are sweet and chewy. I will probably try these again with the addition of cocoa and a chocolate ganache filling... yum!
Now that I know I can make French food at home, I'm taking them with me to my sister-in-law's as a treat before we meet Laura Calder. The host of the show French Food at Home is having a book signing at Springridge Farms later today and we were fortunate enough to have scored tickets to the event. Stick around and I'll be blogging all about it shortly.

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