Monday, September 5, 2011

storybook gardens

I have a list of things I want to show and experience with Owen and this long weekend we crossed one off the list. 
As a kid I remember loving Storybook Gardens in London Ontario. It really was exactly as I remember and possibly better because they've improved on the charm that I remember as a child.

Cheshire cat wishing well which steams after you make your wish.

Two Portuguese boys posing in front of a windmill.

Inside a whale! 
If you dare venture deep enough you'll discover Moby Dick has swallowed a treasure chest and buoy.

The frogs were one of Owen's favourites. We almost couldn't drag him away.

This Splash-pad wasn't around when I was small.
Splash-pads are a parents saving grace on hot days like this past Saturday.
The equipment here was the nicest we've ever seen made for children of all ages.
He kept returning to the seal. Little did he know he was in store for the real deal.
Two adorable seals we caught just in time for feeding. Along with an otter and a snake show, Owen got to meet many animals he'd never seen before which was pretty cool.

Steering the pirate ship!

This was the first time Owen is old enough to climb up rope ladders and play in tunneled play gyms. He's a real big guy able to play amongst kids much older than him.

This boot has been around since I was a kid. I remember loving it as did Owen.
A little home Owen-sized left him enchanted and he might have just set up camp there if it wasn't for...

Owen had a major freak out (think Beatles circa 1965) when he spotted "Humpty" in the distance. He has Humpty Dumpty mural on his nursery wall, so he could not believe his eyes when he spotted the real guy! We had to hold him back from jumping in on other families photos and we soon learned that he isn't the most patient toddler when it comes to meeting your hero.
Luckily Owen got lots of meet and greet time with this adorable bouncing humpty (who sits on two springs and wobbles back and forth).

Owen's first midway ride - a soaring elephant. Made me super dizzy and glad this place doesn't serve any midway fare.

Storybook Gardens is great because it's free for children 2 and under, inexpensive for adults, has free parking, in and out privileges, allows outside food and drink in, has many beautiful green picnic spots and wasn't busy. I only wish we lived closer.

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