Sunday, September 25, 2011

spiderman cake

Here's the latest cake Nuno and I made. Again I baked and Nuno brought it to life!
This cake is 2 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream filling and fondant icing. It was created for my sister Katie's boyfriend Mouth's birthday. 
While shopping for Halloween costume items at the dollar store Nuno stumbled up the most perfect plates and napkins to suit the cake.
This is our first cake that wasn't sculpted, which was nice, but still brought on it's own set of new learning experiences. Namely piping. Sure Nuno can draw with any pencil, crayon, charcoal and wacom with ease, but piping, that's a new challenge. 
I love the way it turned out so bright and colourful just like a comic cover. After this experience I think I'm going to have to sit and practice piping because I can tell this skill is one you get good at through monotonous & repetitive attempts.

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alicia said...

my husband, the one who has the same robot easter basket as owen, would LOVE this cake for his 27th birthday... ;D

have you seen the cute marvel collection from williams sonoma? the spiderman spatula is pretty much a must have!