Sunday, September 18, 2011

otc and grilled cheese

We saw Olivia Tremor Control at Lee's this past Friday night. I have a really great bootleg of their show in '99 at the Opera House which was a performance I always felt sad to have missed because the recording is so fantastic. Luckily, the band has officially reunited which means I got to see the last E6 band I never had a chance to see live. And they put on an outstanding show.
They played a combination of Olivia Tremor Control, Sunshine Fix and Circulatory System songs which all blend together well since all three bands share members anyways. We also got a small sample of their new stuff which really was incredible. I can't wait until they release their new album. It's really thrilling to think that the magic is definitely still there.

Owen was returned back to us on Saturday with a cold so we changed our Saturday plans to stay home and help him rest up and recuperate. There really isn't much we can do for him and I know having a cold doesn't sound like a big deal, but in typical Owen fashion he's dealing with a fever accompanied with his bug. 
We did manage to get out for a family treat to the Gorilla Cheese Truck which was parked at Fielding Estate Winery all weekend. The event was in association with the Grape Festival which is happening over the next couple of weekends here in Niagara.
You are encouraged to bring your own picnic blanket and enjoy a snack along with your wine tasting. 
Even with the live music and a gorgeous escapement view Owen wasn't feeling 100%. So he had an OG sandwich. 
Stringy Cheese! 
This food truck makes a mean grilled cheese and we loved all of our sandwiches.

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