Saturday, September 10, 2011

labour day away

After trying all summer we finally found our way to Sarnia to visit my grandparents last weekend. They can't get down to Niagara to visit us, so we make every effort to see them when we can, which really isn't often enough.
My grandma has a tomato plant she asked Owen to help her with. He was asked to pick the red tomatoes for us. And he had lots of fun picking that once the red ones were gone he looked at us then went for the green.
Who knew the concept of tiding up could leave such an impression. Owen thought that after picking the tomatoes they had to go back into the planter. But we assured him they are to eat and he decided to dig right in. 
The day before we arrived my grandmother made several batches of fresh peach jam. As we were leaving she sent us home with a few jars. She must have known that one of Owen's favourite breakfast options is jam on toast, pancakes, waffles, english muffins... I'm enjoying peach jam in a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Inspired by the grilled cheese sandwiches in Montreal, I had the bakery thinly slices my sourdough loaf and it's made the most wonderful sandwiches this week.

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