Thursday, November 4, 2010

stuffed onions and mushroom and pecorino tarts

This was a nice bistro flavoured dinner of Stuffed Onions and Mushroom Pecorino Tarts. 

All the recipes in Everyday Food which require stuffing are so delicious and the Stuffed Onion is a great example. It may seem odd to sit and eat an entire onion to yourself, but the onion is very sweet, soft and, of course, the stuffing makes it go down nice and easy. The Mushroom Tart is over-the-top. I probably will never make this for dinner again, but I'd definitely quarter each pastry and serve as appetizers in the future. The recipe asks for far too many mushrooms so with the extra 2/3rds and extra puff pastry I made a chicken and mushroom pot pie.

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