Thursday, October 7, 2010

squash and apple soup

This time of year was perfect timing to make this Squash and Apple Soup.

I had no idea so few ingredients could create something so flavourful. This is a real winner of a soup. It's creamy, fragrant, comforting and couldn't be more perfect for Fall. I'd say it's little work, which it is if you buy squash puree in a can or frozen squash defrosted and then pureed. But I took the long road and bought 3 butternut squash (mostly because they were on sale this week), peeled, chopped and baked. Ever try and peel a butternut squash before? It's quite a long and difficult process because of its shape and the skin is quite tough & thick.  Chopping is also not simple because of its round shape and tough flesh, so you must be very steady on that first cut.

This soup was thick enough to serve to Owen for dinner. He really enjoyed it along with his bagel - his new favourite carb munchie.