Friday, October 15, 2010

lamb chops with parsley pesto and roasted herbed potatoes

This is Lamb Chops with Parsley Pesto and Roasted Herbed Potatoes.

Yay, the second lamb chop recipe is over! Tried them once and tried them a second time and I can firmly say I'll never buy these again. The flavour is very game-y and I wouldn't exactly call them lean. However, I couldn't have a more opposite view on leg of lamb - totally delish! I will give this recipe credit as being the quickest meal in the book. The parsley pesto is a quick blitz in the food processor and the meat is pan fried for a few minutes for medium rare. This parsley pesto, like the parsley sauce made as a side for this flank steak is so pungent. I could still taste it 14 hours later. Gross! But I'll admit to being a glutton for punishment because I was spreading gobs of it on my potatoes along with the lamb.

We all loved the herb roasted potatoes! Just as simple as the previous days sweet potato wedges, these had a sprinkling of dried rosemary, thyme and oregano s&p and olive oil. The potatoes are my last purchase from the now closed Tina's Farm Stand. So sad to see the summer farm stands close shop for the fall. Anyways, these are the sort of roasted potatoes I grew up with where the outside is crispy and toasted and the inside is fluffy and light. But you have to eat them hot and fresh straight out of the oven. I think where so many people go wrong is to let roasted potatoes sit and the outside then becomes slightly soggy and too soft. Catering tends to have this problem as well. Oh well, I know the 'secret' and now you do to!

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