Thursday, June 24, 2010

spicy beef fajitas

With the left over flank steak I made Spicy Beef Fajitas.

This meal is what Nuno and I ate quite regularly before cooking through Everyday Food. The only revision to this recipe was the addition of jalapeno monterey jack cheese we had to use up. It's been ages since I've worked with a jalapeno and any time before this I usually carefully grated it. This recipe indicated to remove the seeds and ribs and I used my bare hands and fingernails to do this because I was so distracted talking to Nuno about his day. I then touched my lip to discover the most intense burning sensation and was pretty mad at myself for being so careless. What was I going to do about Owen? Well, I'm still nursing with rubber gloves one day later! But it was a great dinner despite my burning fingers as I blog this entry.

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